Syria Civil Conflict

Active Emergency
January 2011 -Present
Syria/Middle East


Seven years of deadly conflict in Syria have created one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. As the civil conflict rages on, the need for health care services continues for those people displaced within Syria, as well as Syrian families fleeing to neighboring countries. Many Syrian hospitals and health facilities have been damaged or destroyed and many more have been targeted in the fighting. More than half of Syria's doctors have fled the country along with a large majority of other medical professionals. Americares has been supporting health care services for Syrians displaced within the country, as well as Syrian families who have fled to neighboring countries since 2012.


million people displaced within Syria


health facilities attacked


health workers killed in Syria


the approximate number of people who have been killed in the conflict

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Sustaining Health Services for Syrian Families

As desperate Syrians have fled the brutal civil war to neighboring countries and beyond, we are working with partner organizations in the region to support and expand health care services for people in camps as well as in communities overwhelmed by the influx of refugees.

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The flight from Syria continues to add to the humanitarian catastrophe

"In many host communities, the population needing health services has doubled, stretching the health systems and doctors’ time. Americares is providing health education support to reduce the burden on the health system and medicines to meet the growing need."


$16 million

Americares has delivered more than $16 million in medical aid to the region including essential primary care medicine, chronic disease care medications, intravenous fluids and nerve gas antidote.

Our staff has visited camps and communities in Jordan, Turkey and other neighboring countries as well as countries in Europe on the migration route. They have met and worked with local authorities, international nongovernmental organizations and other current and potential partners to identify gaps in health services for Syrian refugees in camps and host communities in Jordan and Turkey, as well as people inside Syria. We will continue our efforts to support health care for Syrian families caught it in this brutal war as long as our help is needed.

Our response to date includes:

  • Multiple major aid shipments to partners delivering health care services in Syria, as well as those providing medical care for Syrian families seeking refuge in Jordan. Of the more than 5 million refugees who have fled to neighboring countries, 656,000 have sought refuge in Jordan.
  • Individual grants to help partners with local procurements of essential drugs and urgently needed medical equipment.
  • An earlier shipment for the crisis contained antibiotics, cardiovascular medicine, intravenous fluids and diabetes medication to support the work of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), which operates over 100 medical facilities in Syria, including underground trauma hospitalsAnother shipment of medicine and supplies went to the Jordan Health Aid Society.
  • The most recent aid is a sea container of medicines and medical supplies to our partners SAMS and Human Appeal.
  • In partnership with SAMS, Americares has provided comprehensive support for a reproductive health facility in northwestern Syria.  Support for this facility, the only public reproductive health provider for a population of 100,000, has enabled the clinic to triple its number of deliveries to an average of 170 per month, as well as to provide consultations to 1,500 patients, including 193 children. After thousands of people have fled Aleppo, the health facility addressed an increased patient load. Families in these war-torn areas of Syria remain in desperate need of health and medical services as more health facilities have been damaged or destroyed in the fighting. Americares will continue to support this health facility and others like it with medicine, supplies, funding and technical assistance. In addition, Americares has provided emergency assistance to fuel 15 SAMS ambulances transporting evacuees.
  • A community-based health program conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Jordan to build the capacity of participating Healthy Community Clinics to provide better preventive services to help patients manage their non-communicable diseases and reduce future complications. Health care providers are receiving training and resources necessary to implement management and prevention-based patient care targeting both Syrian refugees in Jordan, as well as vulnerable Jordanians in host communities.
  • $3 million in medical aid to U.S.- based volunteer teams through our Medical Outreach program providing medical care for displaced families in Syria as well as those seeking refuge in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.