STATUSCrisis Alert DATEMay 02, 2019 REGIONIndia

Cyclone Fani

Tropical Cyclone Fani - India

Cyclone Fani, reported to be the worst tropical cyclone in 20 years, has hit the east coast of India, threatening over 100 million people. Nearly 1 million people were evacuated along India’s northeastern coastline before the Category 3 cyclone (120 mph winds) made landfall near the state of Odisha.  The massive evacuation plan saved many lives as the Cyclone tore through the region and went on to Bangladesh. 

The Americares India Emergency Response Team has deployed initially to the most heavily impacted state of Odisha and reports widespread damage, including fuel shortages, network and power outages, and water supply issues - creating major response challenges. Meetings with local partners are being held in order to plan the deployment of medical teams throughout the area. In addition, a shipment of essential medicines has been shipped to support partners working to provide relief to affected communities.