Access to Medicine


Nearly 2 billion people in the world cannot get the medicines they need to stay healthy.  As the leading global nonprofit of donated medicine and medical supplies, we listen to the communities we serve and respond compassionately and nimbly to their needs. We provide assistance without prejudice, on the basis of expressed need. 

Increase Access to Critical Medicine and Medical Supplies

To improve health outcomes for patients and communities,  Americares increases access and quality of medicine and supplies for partner hospitals, clinics and medical teams around the world.  

  • By supporting over 4,000 health centers worldwide with transformative health projects and donations of medicine, Americares improves the health of millions of people in need every year. 
  • Americares U.S. Program is the leading nonprofit provider of medical aid to the U.S. health care safety net. We support a network of 1,000 clinics and health centers serving more than 7 million patients in need.  Americares is licensed or authorized to distribute prescription medications in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Our U.S. Program helps partner clinics increase capacity, provide comprehensive care, improve health outcomes and reduce costs for patients. 
  • Each year, Americares Medical Outreach program supports volunteer medical teams making more than 1,000 trips to approximately 80 countries with medicine, supplies and educational resources. These medical teams provide primary care, perform surgeries, respond to emergencies and strengthen local health care capacity in communities where even basic medical care is often non-existent or inaccessible. 

Global Access to Medicine

Global Programs

Providing Access Saves Lives

Poverty and malnutrition leave millions around the world vulnerable to treatable diseases.

$17 Billion

Since our founding in 1979, Americares has delivered more than $17 billion in humanitarian assistance and health-focused programs to 164 countries, including the U.S.

90 Countries

We distribute over $900 million in quality medicine and supplies to more than 90 countries each year. Last year we shipped enough medicine to fill 12.6 million prescriptions along with 21 million medical supplies for patient care, safe surgery and more.

Just one donated medication saved the tiniest life – read her story 

Access to a key medication can be the difference between early death and growing up healthy.  

Every day, Americares delivers essential medicines and supplies to hundreds of hospitals and health clinics in the developing world and to free clinics serving the uninsured in the U.S.  Since cholera began its deadly spread in Haiti in 2010, for example, the supply of nearly 500,000 treatments for patients with the disease kept a lot of people alive, while ongoing support also helped 465,000 including health workers, lower their risk of the disease  

“Americares just saved a lot of lives here. The aid arrived just in time. Without this shipment, I don’t know what we would do.” 


Our global supply chain is built upon our strong relationships with an unrivaled network of in-country partners

We work with our partner health providers to track medicine and supplies to ensure quality and safety, helping us deliver the right medicine at the right time to the people who desperately need it.  

Photo by David Snyder – Life changing surgery for women in Tanzania
Helping a Kid in Romania with Hemophilia be a kid again at Camp Ray of Hope
Health workers with one of the youngest Ebola survivors in Liberia

Medical Outreach

Medical Outreach Program

Supporting Life-Changing Care

For 35 years Americares Medical Outreach program has supported medical professionals with free medicines & medical supplies for their international trips. We also provide educational & training resources through the Medical Outreach Exchange.  The teams we support offer primary care, perform surgeries, respond to emergencies and strengthen local health care in communities where health services are lacking. Click on the arrow to see one of the teams at work. 

Each year, the Americares Medical Outreach program supports more than 1,000 volunteer medical trips to approximately 80 countries with medicines, supplies, and educational resources.

Healing Alejandra.   Read the story.

Healing Alejandra. Read the story

A 6-year old Honduran girl's dreams of school are now possible

Americares helps build local healthcare capacity through our large partner network of medical and surgical volunteer teams. Our support increases their ability to travel abroad to provide medical and surgical care, train healthcare providers, respond to emergencies, and establish long-term relationships with the community. 


The volunteer teams supported by Americares Medical Outreach treat nearly 700,000 primary care patients and perform over 40,000 surgeries in a given year. Each year, these volunteer health care professionals bring quality health care to more people around the world, while strengthening local health care institutions.

The Medical Outreach Program equips volunteer medical teams with transformational medical products and opportunities for training with access to educational resources.
Man in Guatemala gets the chance to see again. Felipe with Dr. Dario Aldana, a local optometrist who helped Dr. Robert Brown and his team remove Felipe’s cataract.
Right Place at the Right Time. Dr. Joseph Hurley and his volunteer medical team were making their annual trip to El Salvador to perform surgeries and treat patients who otherwise would have no access to care.

“If we did not have Americares support, we could not have saved her life.  Medicine and surgery is always delivered one patient at a time. I am deeply in debt to Americares. Thank you.”  

Dr. Joseph Hurley

Visit our Medical Outreach Exchange to learn more about volunteer medical missions and find tools to prepare for the mission.  Medical professionals who wish to request medicine and supplies for their volunteer trip can register and order online at our Medical Outreach Access portal.

Right Place, Right Time – read a young boy’s story  

Timing of doc’s visit saves young boy. 

U.S. Programs Access

United States Programs

Americares is the largest provider of medical aid to the U.S. health care safety net.

We help partner clinics increase service capacity, provide comprehensive care, improve health outcomes and reduce costs for patients. 

Americares U.S Medical Assistance Program last year delivered $153 million in medicines and supplies to more than 800 clinics and health centers. This year we continue to expand our efforts and support a network of 1,000 clinics and health centers serving more than 7 million patients in need.


We are licensed or authorized to distribute prescription medications in all 50 states.


7 Million

Our safety net partner network serves over 7 million patients who otherwise could not afford or access care.

These free and charitable clinics and health centers leverage shared and donated resources to build programs that continuously find innovative approaches to better health care

Medicine for the poor should not be poor medicine”. 


The network serves the uninsured and underinsured with high quality, primary care for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and mental health.  Many safety net partners also offer an expanded range of services, such as pediatric exams, vaccinations and dentistry. Our partners can find important shared educational information that will help them deliver high quality patient care at

With good health, what happens in your life?

Jennifer had lost 165 pounds. She now runs regularly, has a new career in a property management office and has gotten off most of her medications. Her diabetes is now well-controlled.
Patients get help managing chronic illness.
“The medicines didn’t only help me, it helped my wife, my kids – everyone around me.”

Free medicine is life-changing – read Tammy’s story

Free clinic support means patients don’t go without medication

Our work in the United States is informed by our experience operating four Free Clinics in Connecticut for low-income uninsured patients.  

We're all in this together! Let's start down the path of measuring quality and addressing health equity on a national scale.

By collecting and reporting on a standardized set of quality measures, the Roadmap to Health Equity will lay a foundation for improvements in care and give clinics a tool to demonstrate quality of care and assess their progress in promoting health equity.

Americares image

Patient Assistance Program

No one should have to choose between paying their bills and buying their medications.

Through the Patient Assistance Program we work with pharmaceutical donors to provide access to medicines for low income U.S. patients without prescription drug coverage who would otherwise not be able to obtain needed medicines for chronic or long-term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.