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How Hurricane Katrina Inspired a Career and Built a Network

Kate Dischino, our Associate Director of Emergency Programs, tells how her career began with the personal relationships that grew out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and how AmeriCares has built a strong network of partners to meet health emergencies since that time.

Diving Back Into the Storm: From Victim to Volunteer

Last year my home was damaged by water; this year I jumped into a pool of water in the heart of NYC to help people in need.

From the Sidelines of the Pool

Yesterday morning, Diana Nyad embarked on a 48-hour swim, reflecting the emotional and mental strength it takes to overcome and restore a sense of normalcy to lives disrupted by Hurricane Sandy nearly one year ago. Now in her second day, her determination and spirit still haven’t faltered. From the start, Diana was cheering and getting … Continue reading From the Sidelines of the Pool