Protecting the Health of Women and Girls in Crisis Zones

By Dr. E. Anne Peterson, SVP, Global Programs     I was in Chicago on Friday for an International Women’s Day Global Health Symposium and had an exciting opportunity to talk about protecting the health of women and girls in crisis zones. At AmeriCares, we’re working to make a difference in these areas every day. We hear about disasters, conflicts and refugees and we’re led to believe that these crises are short term and acute. But that’s a myth. These disasters go on for long periods of time. Here in the United States, 10 years after Hurricane KatrinaContinue Reading ››

Building Sustainable Disaster Recovery Programs for the Long Term in Japan

Ramona Bajema, our country representative in Japan, has spent recent weeks on an inspiring journey, visiting 20 partners helped by AmeriCares following the 2011 triple disaster. These partners have developed sustainable programs that have become so successful they are now part of the fabric of the community.

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How Hurricane Katrina Inspired a Career and Built a Network

Kate Dischino, our Associate Director of Emergency Programs, tells how her career began with the personal relationships that grew out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and how AmeriCares has built a strong network of partners to meet health emergencies since that time.

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